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Open Educational Resources on Sustainable Technology

Looking for recources to get started in Open Sustainable Technology? Here you can find dedicated educational resources as well as best practices for your ideas.

  • Earth and Environmental Data Science Book - An Introduction to Earth and Environmental Data Science.
  • Free Earth Data Science Courses & Textbooks - A site dedicated to tutorials, course and other learning materials and resources developed by the Earth Lab team.
  • ESM-lectures - Lecture slides for KIT Energy System Modelling course.
  • GreenCity - Teach people in a playful and challenging way to have an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • ClimateModeling_courseware - A collection of interactive lecture notes and assignments in Jupyter notebook format.
  • Climate Change Impact Assessment - A practical walk-through.
  • CoastWatch Satellite Course - The goal of the course is to familiarize university researchers and students with different types of ocean satellite data, different tools, and teach participants how to use satellite data in their own research using their choice of software (R, python, ArcGIS).
  • openlca-python-tutorial - Explains the usage of the openLCA API from Python.
  • ECCO-v4-Python-Tutorial - Contains a several tutorials for using the ECCO Central Production Version 4 ocean and sea-ice state estimate.
  • MIT-PraCTES - Materials for MIT workshop "Practical Computing Tutorials for Earth Scientists".
  • geothermics - Educational repository with Jupyter Notebooks all around the topic of geothermal energy.
  • ICAR - A simplified atmospheric model designed primarily for climate downscaling, atmospheric sensitivity tests, and hopefully educational uses.
  • energy-sparks - An open source application that is designed to help schools improve their energy efficiency.
  • stats_for_soil_survey - Lecture material on "Statistics for Pedologists".
  • GEOG0133 - Open Terrestrial Carbon modelling and monitoring lecture.
  • ECOSTRESS Tutorial - The ECOSTRESS mission is tasked with measuring the temperature of plants to better understand how much water plants need and how they respond to stress.
  • Tutorial for Working with NASA VIIRS Surface Reflectance Data - Converting VNP09GA files into quality-filtered vegetation indices and examining the trend in vegetation greenness during July 2018 to observe drought in Europe.
  • python-ecology-lesson - Data Analysis and Visualization in Python for Ecologists.
  • R-ecology-lesson - Data Analysis and Visualization in R for Ecologists.
  • Fundamentals of Remote Sensing - Participants will have a basic understanding of NASA satellites, sensors, data, tools, portals and applications to environmental monitoring and management.
  • Building DC Energy Systems - Hosts an Open Educational Resource (OER) for Building DC Energy Systems.
  • The General Circulation of the Atmosphere - The course gives a broad overview about the general circulation of the atmosphere, including the tropospheric and stratospheric circulations.