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Contribution Guide


For technology to be truly sustainable, everyone must have access to it and be able to adapt it to their needs. Climate change and the loss of natural resources are globally emerging challenges. protontypes is starting the unique attempt to map all open sustainable technology in one list. By spreading knowledge in this domain with open software, standards, tools, and platforms a sustainable economy can be reached in a much shorter timespan.


What criteria must my project meet to be considered?

  • The project must comply as closely as possible with the guideline.
  • You need to show that others beyond the project's main developers are using the project. Good indicators are issues or pull requests from external users.
  • Your project should be structured and documented in such a way that it can be reused and extended by others.
  • Larger parts of the project are published under an open source license.

Contribute to the list

Additions to the list are done by pull requests.

  • Every new project on the list needs to be a new pull request.
  • Create a fork of awesome-sustainable-technology.
  • Insert the project into one of the categories of your fork. We can discuss later on in the 'Pull Request' comments whether another category fits better or we need to open a new one.
  • Add your project in the following format:
    - [Project Name](Project URL) - A sentence that describes your project and what makes it different from others.
  • Describe in at least one sentence why you think the project meets the guidelines.
  • If available, use the Git link to the central repository of your project. This makes it easier for developers and maintainers to review the project faster.
  • Create a pull request and wait for the reaction of the maintainer. We may ask you additional questions or you may need to make changes to your pull request.
  • To reorder the list or for creating new categories please open an issue. After a discussion in the issue comments, we can decide on how to reorganize the list based on a pull request from you.
  • Every new project entry will receive a post on Mastodon and Twitter within our network. You can define a custom message for that with your project URL and great people if you like to. Just add My Tweet: to the Pull request comment.

Further details on how do Pull Requests can be found in the official GitHub documentation. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us in our open community chat.

Consulting and promotion

protontypes offers free advice and promotion for projects that are included in via a pull request. We offer:

  • The creation of a blog post for each newly contributed project.
  • Marketing your project via social media and our network.
  • Consulting and testing on your project by experienced open source developers.

Contribute to listed projects

All the projects listed allow direct and open participation. This is possible in many different ways. From using the open source projects to fixing bugs. Get in touch with the open communities and find out how you can contribute with your skills and knowledge. Most projects have a Contribution Guide like this to get involved in the project and community. Please contact us if you need additional support on how to support projects worldwide through simple research or open source contributions.